Intalio Octopus Platform


The Intalio Octopus project is a set of integrated business tools enabling working in one system, but in many practical aspects. You can imagine a space that gives you options for the exchange of information with other external systems through a single web application. In this case, advantages include quick access to information which saves time because there is no need for authentication in other external applications.

We wish to use the Octopus platform to expand the business opportunities of Zimbra users, and therefore we are open to ideas of our customers and the specific requirements for combining different sources of data between systems.

The Octopus platform is based on the Zimbra email and groupware system, as we build utility and business values for our customers around it. Functional plug-ins to Zimbra are called zimlets. To learn more about zimlets, visit

By integrating environments with Zimbra, we allow your Organisation to considerably improve the quality of business work


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How important is the exchange of documents in a modern company?

Repository of documents available through Zimbra. The integration of email with ownCloud system, which utilizes the so-called private cloud to enable an efficient exchange of files between the dashboard and the server as well as their sharing between users.

Zimlet features:

  • own repository of documents
  • sharing documents within a company
  • advanced document versioning
  • work on files using the dashboard
  • access to the repository of files through the Zimbra web

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Project and task management in your Organization with just a few clicks

Zimlet makes it easy to add the message body and attachments to the work system with Redmine projects. The user can describe the issue in exactly the same way as using the Redmine system.

Moreover, the Zimbra web dashboard allows the person assigned to the request to receive a notification visible until the task is closed.

Zimlet features:

  • the ability to create tasks through the Zimbra web
  • the ability to assign tasks to specific projects
  • the ability to assign tasks to persons engaged in the project
  • simple adding of attachments from email messages to tasks
  • update of existing tasks within projects
  • graphical user notification of new tasks and overdue tasks

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Piler email archive management through the web Zimbra interface

In our deployment projects we often face the problem of large amounts of data that have to be controlled.

The main issue is the need to store email data over a specified period and also to enable users to use the data at any time.

We offer integration of Zimbra with Open Source Piler, which provides efficient and flexible engine for email archives. Additional description of the system functionalities will be available soon.

Zimlet features:

  • the ability of manual assignment of messages to archiving by the user
  • online access to files stored in the archive
  • the ability to automatically move the tagged messages to the archive
  • fast access to archived messages and attachments

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Reporting of cases by the users and access to your own list of requests

The overview of current cases and, above all, their active support using Zimbra is not only a time saver. Thanks to zimlets we can achieve a perfect work centre that is actually focused within a single point and includes all the necessary tools for handling both internal and external requests within the Organization.

Zimlet features:

  • the ability to send a request through the Zimbra web
  • no need for users to additionally sign in to the ticket system
  • view of the status of requests in the Zimbra web dashboard
  • the ability to create requests with an additional description and inclusion of the message text in Zimbra

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