Secure email with SpamTitan

Electronic mail security.

E-mail is the main area of interest of various groups, and therefore is a frequent target of attacks. Transfer of viruses, phishing or spoofing are risks to which users are exposed every day. There is also the problem of junk mail - spam - which hinders smooth work. INTALIO Open Source Experts specialises in mail-related matters and also addresses the issue of security. Our skills include:

  • development of security policy,
  • analysis of the security level (audit, preparation of a report to specify the security level of the system and indicate gaps and methods of their elimination, implementation of the recommended improvements - hardening),
  • implementation of email security features using the following technologies: Spam Titan and Fortinet,
  • electronic mail security (especially for Zimbra) thanks to our own experience and practical know-how.

SpamTitan Private Cloudis a comprehensive solution for providing email security and ensuring the safety of the company, staff and customers; it operates based on the cloud technology or a solution within its own infrastructure.

SpamTitan solution is characterised by:

  • Double anti-virus engine that filters content for virus threats
  • Multi-layered spam detection analysis that ensures more than 98% effectiveness in detection of unwanted correspondence
  • Less than 0.03% of the so-called false positives
  • Advanced content filtering mechanism
  • Scan of outgoing and incoming communications
  • The ability to configure the email privacy policy
  • A simple installation and configuration process (Plug&Play solution)
  • Management of unwanted user's messages through the quarantine report
  • Administration through the administration panel available via the web
  • The ability to generate multiple valuable automatic reports
  • Automatic updates, including updates of anti-virus and anti-spam systems, new software versions and the entire system backup
  • Verification of system users according to LDAP and dynamic addressing of files


A private cloud may be contained in the TitanHQ cloud located in Poland or at the company's own data centre. It is extremely easy to use, and at the same ensures spam detection (with 99.97% effectiveness), blocks viruses and malware, enables authentication, outgoing email scanning and provides structures for effective reporting.

  • Possible own branding
  • Expanded API for integration with other environments
  • Report packages
  • Spam filtering
  • Blocking viruses and malware
  • Creating white and black lists
  • Recipient verification
  • Outgoing email scanning
  • Authentication

Deployment and management of this solution is very simple - SpamTitan Gateway is a software appliance that can be installed directly on a device or operate in a virtual environment. In addition to many other functionalities, it provides 99.7% effectiveness in detecting spam, blocking viruses and malware, and has the capacity of authentication, outgoing email scanning and access to effective reporting structures.

  • Spam filtering
  • Blocking viruses and malware
  • Reporting
  • Recipient verification
  • Outgoing email scanning
  • Authentication
  • Scalability