Efficient and secure way to archive electronic mail.

Piler is an open source solution that enables email archiving at an organisation.


Piler solution provides a number of benefits for an organisation:

  • Ensuring continuity of access to and restoration of data.
    Piler provides a secure central repository of messages, including the provision of necessary information, even if the mail server is down.
  • Rules and obligations
    The regulations for government and local self-government organisations require that electronic messages are retained for several years from the moment of data processing. To meet these requirements, Mailpiler saves messages and makes them available in the legally required period.
  • Storage and search for messages
    Piler saves storage space by compression and smart deduplication. It also allows you to offload data from the mail server to piler, thus minimizes storage costs.
  • Security
    Piler eliminates the risk of losing messages as a result of malicious and intended activity of users. "Peter stopped working for us over a year ago. Unfortunately, I cannot help you in this matter because he had deleted his messages before he left"...

Mailpiler solution perfectly complements the Zimbra email and groupware system. We integrate both systems and offer a dedicated zimlet to expand the Zimbra functionality by adding the archiving module.

User panel in the email archiving system

Every user of MailPiler can search for messages with consideration of elements such as:

  • simple search
  • advanced search (subject, tags, notes, from-to, attachments)
  • tagging the messages for quick identification
  • adding notes to messages to provide one's own commentary to messages
  • downloading messages in .eml format
  • restoring messages to the user's email box
  • fast filtering by message date, addressee and recipient

Administrator panel in the email archiving system

E-mail archiving includes the following in respect of configuration:

  • system monitor - information about the status of services, available storage space and problems
  • statistics - monthly and annual report
  • control of the archive storage space
  • adding users and workgroups
  • configuration for domain and multiple domains
  • determining the archiving rules
  • determining the message retention rules for the email archive
  • settings of remote notification of events


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