Why do we rely on Fujitsu and Netapp??

Each type of software in the form of an application, operating system or virtualizer must operate in a properly measured and configured environment. At INTALIO we professionally deal with dedicated software and our projects could not exist without the hardware layer. Therefore, our excellent cooperation with Fujitsu, as the leading Technology Partner, allows us to apply ready-made solutions and tools to complete advanced IT projects.

Nowoczesne rozwiązania IT

The market is dominated by many solutions, so what made us decide to choose Fujitsu?

  1. Fujitsu has a very good understanding of the Polish market of IT projects in terms of the selection of solutions to the project budget,
  2. Fujitsu has its own facilities and research laboratories,
  3. Fujitsu has 8,500 employees in the R&D Department, including over 200 in Poland,
  4. Fujitsu produces its server infrastructure in Germany.


Why Fujitsu?

Benefits of application of Fujitsu and Netapp solutions

  1. Development and scalable environments
  2. "Project" prices for specific projects
  3. The ability to design custom-made infrastructure together with additional elements such as switches (10Gbit/SAS/FC), racks and other accessories.
  4. Warranty provided to customers on site with the repair option - even up to 5 years