Security with Fortinet

FortiGate devices provide protection against threats on two levels: web and application. The entire FortiGate platform also includes advanced networking features such as high availability (in active/active or active/passive mode).

Through the subscription system for FortiGuard services, the producer provides automatic updates of the security system that protect against new threats in real time.

Fortinet offers devices ranging from the lowest FortiGate-20 series designed for small offices to FortiGate-5000 series - a family of devices for very large enterprises, service providers and telecommunication operators. Fortinet devices are perfect for extra security features for electronic mail and additional services.

FortiGate platform combines FortiOS™ - operating system dedicated to support security modules - and FortiASIC™ - specially designed processors for providing high-performance security. The entire solution is not just software, but also advanced electronic equipment that makes it possible to handle high web traffic, particularly in the case of attacks and increased vulnerability to threats.

Fortinet's best security features:

  • Firewall, VPN and bandwidth management
  • IPS (intrusion prevention system)
  • Advanced anti-virus: signature and behavioural analysis, cloud sandboxing
  • Anti-spyware/Anti-malware (protection against malware and spyware)
  • Wireless network controller
  • Application control
  • DLP (data loss prevention)
  • Vulnerability management
  • IPv6 support
  • Web Filtering
  • Anti-spam
  • Router/transparent modes
  • Support for VoIP
  • WAN optimization
  • Support for BYOD: device identification, device-based policies, user reputation
  • FortiCloud: monitoring and reporting in the Cloud and FortiToken Mobile
  • Support for virtual environments


We use Fortinet solutions in our projects, as they are part of the architecture for the systems deployed by our company.